Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A nostalgic reminiscence of Henshin

The Strike of BADASSery

Remember those days when you used to watch your favorite cartoons/shows, and as timed passed, you slowly grew out of it, and then at some point you remember about it suddenly. Okay bad intro, Im not a good writer. In my early child hood, I always watch Sentai and Henshin back in the Philippines, those shows rocked. Especially the Sentai series cause it usually wraps up an episode with Gattai and Robots vs monster fight, oh yeah Phil dub quality back then was particularly amazing.

It all began with this

Jetman, is the only sentai series I watched and remembered throughout the years. There were more but this is the one I really loved, particularly the fact that there are more than one Gattai robot in the series, and I liked the bird themed costumes. Unfortunately I never got to finish the show, as I had to leave back to Saudi for another school year.
I never bothered watching Sentai series anymore because I found them to kiddish for my taste now. Especially the power rangers, primarily because the bad guys suck, and the bad kungfu s#it. The giant robot action remains the same as usual.

"The wrong Black"

The original Black RX was Badass, too bad I watched the Sabans version first, which really SUCKED, The directors were pretty stupid, having rider powers originating from space, bad guys suck once again, and the damn furbie, or whatever s#it that is. The worst part,they were trying to connect the story to power rangers, in which the two originally have no connection to. The connection thing with riders and sentai was later on done in the Decade series.

Heres the original op anyway.

"The other side of the mirror"

I dont know much shit about Ryuki either,I never finished it, So Im listing this one in my winter watch list. Anyway, the series is pretty good due to the following, The monster/robot things, the card motif, and Ohja. Ohja,is the MAN, he killed 4 riders, and took all their s#it. Theres also a Sabans version, which isn't as halfassed as I though it be ,and both OP Sucked

"CG and 2D alike"

"Not as tough as he looks"

Since this is made by GONZO, expect heavy CG animations, Though its beautifully done, it was too fast paced. This and Karas are the closest show to becoming a real kamen rider anime. The only difference is, the stories were much darker than a regular rider series. The only thing that sucked was the main character is underpowered, he still kicked ass, and that 95% of the cast was killed off in a weak and an unfulfilled way.

Heres the kickass OP I was telling you about.


"Destroyer of worlds(or not)"

"Is the first and only Pink rider"

Wow, I didnt even know about this show until I saw this ClusterF_ck showed up on my playlist

Decade series was like my wish(half complete)come true, He can go back to the other series, and fix things like, character that shouldnt have died but died originally. And Half assed , because all the series stories dont follow the original story( with the exception of Den-O). Whats bad is that it ends with two Movies for a finale. I was pretty pissed, cause the last time this happened was Eden of the east. Good thing is Black and Rx get a tag team match, and he gets to borrow the other riders move( he still has the Finishing kick)and I cant say transforming them into weapons for his own use is a good thing, kinda rude to do so.

Bah,I miss my love for Kamen rider,but I did really missed a lot and hopefully watch the entire series. So far ,I just started Kiva, and Den-O while I wait for more episodes of Double( which I will talk about when I have the time). And I think you now know, why I started with the whole Henshin fails category. F-ck I was gonna say this is my alternative to magical girls back when I was a kid, and I still admit I dont like them, despite that I watched Nanoha strikerS.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to watch All riders VS Dai Shocker ^_^ Kamen Rider fan unite! ^_^

Anonymous said...

What no Faiz?

GunStray said...

>> Robostrike: YEAH!! and Hell yeah for all Rider Kick.

>> Shion: Ill watch 555 along with Hibiki, anyway,the decade event for Faiz was a reall tear jerker T_T

gundamjehutykai said...

Nanoha StrikerS is pretty far removed from the whole Magical girl concept. I mean, look at it!! What Kind of a magical girl show would call itself StrikerS??
Plus, besides 2 characters, there's not much magical "girl" in there...

Trying to get into decade but I end up stopping and picking it up again randomly... Garo was quite good tho.

GunStray said...

>>GundamJehutyKai: Heheh Good point,and its still the bridge point that brings together both M/echa and Magic girl fans. And I couldnt resist pointing out GGG tan ^^

Decade, was a bit Meh~ish, I would approve of the Faiz, Kabuto, and Den-O arcs those were the best. By Garo, did you mean Gackt?

gundamjehutykai said...

>>GunStray: No, by Garo, I mean an old Tokusatsu show from back in 2006.

First show I watched in a long while and I thought it was pretty good. It's also rather dark and has a more adult feel than other shows.
I wish that a group would sub Guyferd tho. Saw a random ep of that way back when I went to Japan and that rocked!

FaS said...

Looks like someone's spamming you -_-'' You should send them a virus to make them ponder the severity of their actions. Linking back to your own site in a comment is one thing...but bullshit spam...kill yourself.

Anyways, hmmm, my dad said he used to watch this I think, when he was little. He said it was called UltraMan or something. I'll have to check back. But I've never really bothered to check :P

GunStray said...

>> GundamJehutykai: Tokusatsu,I partially know it now^^;
Wow I cant believe I forgot about Guyferd, dont remeber much else,except thats its has sick @ss Henshin and form, and Phil Dubbing for it was awesome.

>> Fas: Bah took care of spammers, and I barely get them anyways.
Hahah, Ultraman is the $Hit!!, If I recall, everyone in my hometown, would be rushing home to watch it.
Oh yeah It was Ultraman Tiga the op is pretty good http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_1F6n71dWik

EXkurogane ~K'~ said...

Hold on... That's... Blassreiter!! One of my favourite series!! The plot is far better than many Gundam series...

GunStray said...

>> EXKurogane: Plot is deffinitely better. Funimation finally has dubbed version, and voicing fits well.

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Matt said...

btw, you can delete that longgggggggggggg email from earlier. I got things straightened out :P anyways, dude, that shit's B.A. Like cereal lol. Love the dragon pic.