Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Revoltech Yamaguchi line: Basara (EDITO)

Well WTF do you know, Yamaguchi has done it again. After the Eva and Guren lagann line. There hitting one of the more Insanely "Gary" (Gar + Gay"Credits to Lightning) Animes of last season.

As the image prewiew completely suggest that a Date Masamune and Yukimura will be developed.

On other hand, I dont care for Human type Revoltech(Alter and Yoko as an Exception) same for this guys, but if this is offical, then I SO F_CKING WANT TO GET HONDA!!!

Just finding a good spot to put this in ^^;;;; ;;;;

EDITO!!! (like someone cares)

Well there you go, anybody want to do me a favor and reenact a GARY scene^^


Lightning Sabre said...

LoL "Gary", I forgot I came up with that XD

Well with these figures you can re-enact all those Gary scenes ^^;

GunStray said...

>> Lightning: Hmmm Gary scenes, gotta watch S.B.

Err Uh I suck doing figure review, let someone else do it ^^;;

Snark said...

I'm curious, was my Sengoku Basara post the first time Lightning came up with the immortal Gary?

Anyways, in regards to the Sengoku Revoltechs;


B-Mecha said...

D: more revoltech.

btw, did u guys realize that revoltech might screw up the face feature for human figures? hopefully it doesn't turns out the same case as dante...

GunStray said...

>> B-Mecha: IDK, Fraulein line was good, OR maybe its just how my Alter Saber turned out

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

I like toys that look like ronin warriors. Perhaps I can have Basara figures too! Date Masamune is my favourite BASARA character!

Lightning Sabre said...

@Snark: I believe it was that post XD