Monday, January 17, 2011

First Impression: Infinite Stratos

Did you know, everyone used this image at the start

Well, as much as I hate to spout bullshit to all the anibloggers who's done some pretty negative reviews on these anime, I can't so. Seeing as they have more power to pathetic writers and toy reviewers. Anyhow IS is going to be another typical cliches Harem show. I'm also having doubts about it failing as bad To-love-ru and Linebarrels of iron(okay that one sucked realbad!), But hey Im just there for the little girls wearing ridiculous mecha parts.

Are you sure this isn't Yakitate!! Japan

Meet Orimura Ichika, the only male who can pilot an IS in the whole world. And he kinda stands out for not being the regular spineless bitch most harem leads we had these past years, and he aint punching bag(In the mean time). Other than that, everyone is a chick.

Britain obviously had a thing for Strike freedom

Surprisingly, I thought fans would welcome this show's concept with there welcome arms, due to the success of (pantsu) Strike witches or Sky girls. I though wrong. My only complaint is, what's the difference(moving aside the male protagonist and the plot).Yeah sure Strike witches had little girls flying around with jet propellers for legs and wearing no pants(since they drag you, and aerodynamics is a bitch at times). Whilst Sky girls have a much more external plane exoskeleton and still wear classy leotards. Point is, its still your classic mecha musume theme(now with a guy).

Holy sheit! It speaks in English

You just lost the Game

Now the fight scene reminds me a lot more of Macross as to Gundam . but so far, the only REAL mecha combat we had was ep 2, and god I enjoyed it. Good highhlight seeing he made it pass through thopse FUCKUING BITS! (argeubaly the most cheap/ hackx weapon in gundam) also saying that they had built in shields with their suits,(im gonna cut gundam a slack now, I mean they carry giant slabs of metal that some would call "protection")
Ahh fucking Limited editions!

Win or not, I'd enjoy this particularly since I love Busou shinkis

Last complaint. Where the fuck is she in the opening!?!?


Aya said...

welcome back Gun the ammoless :D

first time har this anime, but I still like Busou shinki design more about the story let me watch it first before talk something hihihi

hiroy_raind said...

--sorry, some typo on the previous comment--

One of what break this anime for me are the cliches.
Childhood friend? Check (heck, this anime have two).
Big sister? Check.
Oujou-sama? Check. With blond drill hair? Check.
Reverse trap that wanted to be recognized as a girl? check.
Main protagonist that supposedly doesn't know how to fight well, but actually does because he's like a newtype? Check.

The other thing that I don't like, is that while the protagonist is a senseless and naive guy (thank God he's not spineless), everybody else (girls, that is) will then love him, with the novel depicting kissing all the girls in public, massages Britain's representative to orgasm, having a bath with France's representative, etc.

To be honest I liked the other stuff than all that (which is, the mecha musume... and musuko stuff). I chuckled a bit during eps 2 when they said it's a safe sport but Britain's representative make quite some hole on the grounds with her rifle (I guess the people on the stadium were protected with barriers?), and still wonders how & why would anyone program a powerful exoskeleton armor/weapon that would make all other weapons impervious to be only can be used by females other than our protagonist (must've been one hell of a sexist). But I still enjoyed it.

I like the battle/mecha segment, hate the protagonist pimping his harem segment.
If the show can balance between those two, I might be able to keep watching it, which doesn't seem to be a bright prospect as the novel spoilers have shown me that I'm most likely gonna be disappointed.

Gun the ammoless said...

>> Aya: Go give it a try :D

>> Hiroy: Damn that's a better analysis than I did. Definitely Keeping my fingers crossed for this one.

AstrayP03 (Zhe) said...

ur back I see ^^ changed ur name too :P

tbh I stopped watching the new animes since last yr cus... well, they mostly involve lame fan service and have shitty plots =.= didn't bother with IS either mainly because everyone said it sucked? @.@

which is funny cus I watched both strike witches (s1) and sky girls...=/

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna wait and see Japanator's final impression before I go see this.

chrismandesign said...

heck, often i dun care bout other ppl impressions on animes, specially when they try to pontificate & even if they know too much... they say: "is a piece of crap here..." "is a piece of crap there..."... well, till i don´t watch’em i will not hav my honest opinion... i’ve found many Super Gurus destroying something that a while after becomes a classic... with all my respect, i would giv it a try... welcome back Gun the ammoless =)

Gun the ammoless said...

>> Astray: Cant blame you, most of them are greed and pedophilia anyways. And that is why I have to blame some Anibloggers

>> AznGunpla: Okey

>> ChrisManDesign: And that is why I have to watch what I type and remain neutral until the anime ends. Oh and thanks