Sunday, December 19, 2010

Border Break 2.0 Air Burst

Hi Guys, Hows your Christmas break, oh wait, hows work >=] Anyhoo, sorry again that I don"t post as much as I do in your blogs, been pretty hectic, and sadly I did failed physics in the end, But that ain"t stopping me from building a humongous Mecha.
So as for the post, I"m actually pretty surprised that SEGA, updated Border Break, I thought it was gonna be dead end, due to the lack of commercialization of the game(still). Some of the new features I can describe is the new settings, and Air support(Chopper gunner lol) oh and New Mechas. Damn it Sega Home system NAO!!!Moar Info here by 4gamer

Im pretty sure this is old news...

Yen 3,675 (tax included)

Currently unnamed white unit, which appears to have an uncanny resemblance to Alteisens revolver stake. definitely a Heavy


Aya said...

wow nice will be released next year right ?

chrismandesign said...

"an error occurred, please try again later"... try again ??? my... so sorry, that was censored, anyway is rated PG LOL... well Mikee, this time i should guess that the game u r talkin’ bout is a good one =/... the mecha meanwhile is very appealing... is that a model kit ??? an action figure ???

Anonymous said...

You have no idea how many times I looped Airburst's OP for the song. It was like the first OP all again.