Thursday, March 11, 2010

HG 1/144 Garazzo & Gaddess review

Bah!, Been meaning to review all Inovator suits(minus Reborns)havent had lucked spotting Hillings Gadessa^^;;

Garazo and Gaddess, most faved of Inovator MS, paint scheme too. They pretty much share the same body frames minus cosmetic and equipment changes.


GN cutter, never used sadly

GN vulcan, its a wrist gun

One thing I like about Inovator MS, they come with built in weaponry

Not only is the feet weird,its a chore to just set the toes up.

(Gaddess) Side

We already have enough bit spammers in the 00 series, but this one is pretty special, cause its piloted by Anew

GN drive, escape pod thing, kinda ugly in my opinion.

Heat saber, pretty bland in comparison to...well any close combat weapon.

GN beam saber fangs, This is bigger than zwei's fang bits, nice looking too.

Clear effect parts and this is also compatible to Cherudim

Touhou much anyone?

Added bonus, they give you the regular skirt armor parts.

ああ、見ちゃだめ!("Ah, Micha dame!") "Dont look!"
To be frank, I stole this^^;;

looks better than the bit holder skirts


(Garazzo) Side

Design wise, I love how this guy looks, yeah spike are very generic, paint scheme really looks good on this on too. Props to whoever named this suit, heheh GARazzo^^;;

If you'd watched 00, you'd know how cool and useless heads are, and googles, they do nothing.

Gn shield closed

Gn shield open

That shield really looks like a face.

Even the chest looks like a face!

Closed fist and gaunlets

"Want a piece of me,punk!"

GN claw Beam saber, awesomest close combat weapon Innovators have, would have split the beams and fingers apart, except I dont have Hillings Garazzo yet, so it stays like that for now



Anonymous said...

Coo... You got both and... LOL'ed at the skirt-stealing part. XD

As for GARazzo; yes, those parts does looks like faces.

Could it be... A tribute to TTGL~?!


EXkurogane ~K'~ said...

I liked the way Garazzo challenged and overpowered 00 Gundam i episode 8. I seriously hate 00 Raiser, it's like once he goes trans Am everyone's screwed. I hate the trans-am concept overall, especially the one on 00 Raiser - the f**kin' quantization thing...

chrismandesign said...

as a not traditional gundam fan/collector, i love this kind of suits (uhmmmm the classic siluet is fine for me as well...) quite simple as the colour scheme, i think that of "less is more" usually works, this is a proof... & the exhibition bases included increments their charm (but a cuztomization will do a lot for them...) my sincere congrats, i wanted to buy one of these kits, but i run out of money, so it’s not my time for that... =)

GunStray said...

>> BD77: I had the same conclusion too, must that the the director and producers were hookedby TTGL awesomeness

>> EXkurogane: Oh yeah! Best short fight scene. Tran-sam wasnt so bad, until every GN unit started trans-aming. Especially suicide units, that S#It gave me nightmares.

>> Chrismandesign: Gruntish suit, ok. Hahah, these things are quiet expensive in money and time too^^;;

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Ha! Ha! Nice "GARAZZO PUNCH!!!" pose to end the post. Garazzo is really look awesome in midair!

AstrayP03 (Zhe) said...

YOu have a point... it does look like faces are all over garazzo's body... defense mechanism perhaps? scare away enemies LOL

GunStray said...

>> Dennis: Nice!, I should do this now and then as a review finish^^

>> Astray: Faces do make good defense, especially in TTGL more than one face is better^^

Anonymous said...

MS with faces, hahaha
but now you mention it, I think they really look like faces.

give garazo a big sharp goggles on the chest!

DivineLight said...

face, reminds me of Seraphim Gundam, it's really two face Gundam at one.

GunStray said...

>> Heathorn: OH HELL YEAH I WILL!!!
Major thanks^^

>> Divinlight: This Guy has Three, and there aw3eseomer than a huge gundam face^^

Anonymous said...

Gotta say, I've always found that blue colorscheme awesome. Maybe cuz it's somewhat unique. The purple one is... a bit less appealing.

GunStray said...

>> RXsiu: Aww, I though the purple will pierce to fave color scheme of everyone. And Glad you liked Gaddess color scheme, they should have more suit colored in that.

LEon said...

My vote goes to Garazo rather than Gaddess. I love close range combat.

GunStray said...

>> LEon: Hahah, looks like Purple and Fingers Claws are the true winner here eh^^

Lightning Sabre said...

ああ、見ちゃだめ!("Ah, Micha dame!") "Dont look!"

Heeeyy... That sounds kinda familiar :P

Unfortunately since I'm watching the R1 version of 00, I haven't seen these in action yet. I did buy Gadessa though... And not these two, lol. The cannon on Gadessa was the reason why I chose that one over these ones. I love Garazzo's head though.

I still got a lot of these kits to build, but I'm too lazy atm... maybe cuz it's too cold?