Monday, November 3, 2008

A bit of a reminder

Reminder for stuff to watch.
Gundam 00 season 2
macross frontier ep 22-24
Linebarrels of iron
shakugan no shana r 2
code geass r2
Mushi shi
Election day 2008
Probably a lot of stuff to catch up on

Stuff to read
Kurogane no linebarrel
mushi shi
one piece (Again)
omatukue no desu_(i dont even remember the spelling)

stuff...CUFF chores to do...
Fix this damn comp
Find a reliable source for post
Make this blog more interesting
Start on Comic ran... non of your buisness
finish my damn costume
learn how to draw... again
get a part time job
watch stuff I missed on

EDIT more stuff to do

Learn to draw...Again (A&A STYLE)
study for road test
provincials(IM DEAD)

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