Thursday, October 30, 2008

SPOTTED:Gundam Mk. II and Zeta in blue metallic coating

Post is coppied from Ngee khiong

Mobile Suit Z Gundam Memorial Box Part I and II Blu-ray Disc will have Dot Anime and LaLaBit Market limited releases. 500 units of HGUC Gundam Mk. II and Zeta in blue metallic coating ver. will be included for Part I and II respectively.

Preorder for these two special editions starts by October 31st. Actual release dates for Part I and II are December 19th and January 23rd respectively. Each set is priced at 36,750 Yen.

Its to bad i cant preorder stuff, also as Ngee states folks outside Japan will have a very slight chance to get their hands on this special release.

My solution I rather get a HGUC zeta and spray paint the whole thing metalic blur myself... problem is I hate screwing up the paint!! >:[


Anonymous said...

I would love to have that blue Zeta Gundam.

Q said...

I wonder whether these will have the same corrosion problem like the gold plating gunplas.