Sunday, May 9, 2010

HGUC 1/144 Blue Destiny 2

Lookie its a fully blue Mobile suit,or a Gundam, and its kinda rare to see a good looking fully blue MS besides Gouf and Rezin Schnyder Geara. Dman I wished I bought all three of the Blue destiny units, I just loved the RX-79 Design out of the RX line.

Head profile,yup I changed the Goatee, eye bags, and the V-fin color, the original color pretty much clashed with the body color.

The package cam with stickers for all three MS,forgot to tkae the pic, but theres also a black print.

I swear this are magazines its carrying, too bad it doesnt have a machine gun.

CHest Vulcans, and the two side cylinders are chest missiles

Back, if I had RX-79(G) back pack it would wit, I mean they share the same design after all.

It comes with two back packs, though I dont know why not just make it one?

The whole backpack isnt very heavy though.

The articulation of the HGUC line is what really amazes me, it really goes head on againt 00 S2 Gundams articulation.

Got 00, king/queen of superb HG articulation for comparison

HGUC elbow is Double jointed allowing the hands to almost touch the shoulder,00 can barely touch its shoulder.

Movable pelvis joint, except blues ball jointed.

no question, 00 has the best articulation when it came to legs, Blue makes up for foot articulation though.

The legs also houses Beam storages.

Shield holder has two sockets one for the side and below the arm,sadly it only attaches with the left arm.

Shield is GM command, Nice!

Ironicly, the trigger finger, my favorite hand type, HGUC sacrifec stablity for design, and that is why its so irritatingly loose.

Beam rifle, would have been nice If I could swap with Blue detiny 1's Machine gun. Still its a good looking rifle

*Beam rifle pose*

*Beam sabers pose*

When I built this guy, I felt something was missing, it was too basic and all RX design ussualy carry some huge @SS thing, or a weapon, and this guys missing it, and so I gave it a Bazooka, because the RX 78 and GP03 looked Bad@ss carrying them.

For something really plain and basic, this guy has tons of posability with it, minus that it comes short in arnaments, and heck they could have included more guns or one bazooka. Deffinitely woth getting and blue destiny one too, minus Blue destiny 3,its not "blue" enough^^


Dennis aka Katsuden said...

I always like U.C MS and MS from Blue Destiny gets a good blend between Gundam 08th series to Z Gundam.

chrismandesign said...

hey.. this buddy looks pretty handsome & his color scheme is beautiful... that effect in his eyes looks weirdly fantastic, i love it... what a pity that he has a lack of accesories but he worths while, i’m pretty sure... good one colleague ! it makes me feel that is time to "reactivate" my gundam army which has remained dormant for a long time...

GunStray said...

>> Dennis: Oh yeah, come to think of it: EXAM=Pyschomu frame

>> Chrismandesign: Made some changes on specific body parts but it was all right in original paint scheme.

DivineLight said...

I'm not really a fan of Blue Destiny, because it's all blue and dark, making it lost its details.

but looking at the details, this one is good, but as I mention before, it's not fully shown.

Anonymous said...

You've made Nimbus very proud there.

GunStray said...

>> Divinelight: Good Point, until you see BD 1 that is^^; Oh you can blame my crappy photography skills, if its even allowed to be called skills.

>> BD77: Hell Yeah, but I think he'd be happy if it was Efreet custom.

G.G. said...

oh man... I've been trying to find this kit. I wanted it so bad at one point in time. If I find it now, I will still definitely get it.

Love all your poses. Did you paint this? And where did you get that bazooka?

GunStray said...

>> G.G.: Haha Thanks and I painted some areas blue and clean/polished the nubs, I didnt really do a good job though, Bazooka is from HG Calamity

chubbybots said...

Nice work dude :D I love the HGUC line. Other than the lack of weapons, love the poses and paint job :D

GunStray said...

>> Chubybots: hahah, Thanks^^