Sunday, May 30, 2010

BIRTH DAY POST: Non scale Granzon Review

BEWARE REALLY HUGE POST, Then Again barely anyone visit's this rundowned blog^^;

It's My B-day, W00T, meaning random impulse buying is I always do that^^;

Aww Hell Ive been waiting for this guy to hit the shelves on my local, the prob, well cash obviously, and then they freaking hold a NO TAX event, F**KING A I say^^
And it was definitely better than getting a 2nd MG freedom. And now the review Itself.

Model Itself

Pretty fat, but being an super robot, the more Mass, the better!

Orb decorations are already an Insta win, though just asking out of curiosity, what the hell is the purpose of these thing?

It speaks for itself(not literally)

Back pack Wing are well articulated, Its funny how these thing are so small compared to the body, makes you wonder how the hell does it even lift Granzon(rule of srw: never question the impossible)

Chest: Graviton Gun

Chest: Black hole cluster
Some really beautiful details in the chest gun area, needs some serious painting though.

Size Comparison: not as Big as an MG but still pretty tall.



Now to show just how much of a "Brick" this guy is.

Um Granzon~


Arms, you see those massive shoulder armor binders, are so big its hard to move his arm, then again he never had much

........ refer to Arms.....

The only articulation Granzon ties 00 with, minus 00 bendy stomach, since his got the chest gun.

Granzon does have more shoulder artulation thanks to the construction of the shoulder joint( I actually almost lost the piece it tends to pop off.)

Legs, Granzon can barely lift its legs, and it can barely bend its leg too.

Granzon does make up for some good looking feet joint, the only problem, its too tight.


Granzon comes with 5 hands and 4 caps in total, 2 closed first 2 open plam, and 1 sword hand

Gran Sword, Its...So...F**KIN...AWESOME!!! Oh did I mention it puts all the BFS(big f'in sword) to shame, then again It was never close to beating Zengars, heheh.


The sad thing is, I dont even know the safety rating of my blog, should I even allow this, ~Meh~

Mazinger aint so special no eh, Hah(Snarks gonna kill me for this)

Linebarrel has finally been upstaged by much cooler looking Robot, carrying a scissor just for the laugh of it.

Doing an "EPIC EXIT ASCEND/ENTRANCE DESCEND, and the funny part, the figma stand can support Granzons weight, compared to my flimpy old action stand base.

A REALLY AWESOME Kotobukiya Kit, though not given much justice to how I built it(didnt bother cleaning nubs) Its still great as a Stand Alone, also great improvement from the plastic to the way the joints are made.

Hey it is my B-day, I have the right to Gloat at your faces, HAHAHAHAHAHa, unless you make more than that in a weak then...I still laugh at you!

I would still prefer to have this kit though ^^;


Lightning Sabre said...

Wow you build that Mofo real fast! Happy birthday!!

Man, that thing's pretty much a statue, lol. Now if only they made a kit of the last picture... Badass but lean and sexy :P

GunStray said...

>> LS: Thank you^^, and to be honest, Ive built that guy a few days back, but it took less than 3 hours to build it.

mangyver5223 said...

Cool, for this granzon.....I'm love it :D

LEon said...

Nice! I can see you enjoyed your birthday.

Anonymous said...

happy birthday ^^

granzon is badass, gundams are no match, we need cybuster :D

chrismandesign said...

who says that nobody visit u ??? i could say that =PPPP... & i said that all the KOTO-not-fans r so wrong, cuz its model kits r a waste of coolness & exxxxxxaggeration... pretty nice acquisitions !!! =DDDD huh ! & happy BD =PP

GunStray said...

>> Mangyver: His so awesome, right^^

>> LEon: Yup, except would be moar enjoyable If I had my friends and cousins family with them too.

>> Heathorn: Thank you, yes call Cybuster and Thrudgelmir

>> CHrisManDesign: LOL, and thank you^^

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Great review of Granzon kit! The robot has quite a mass with good articulation and cool weapons. Love the pic showing mecha firing at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday, dude.

Granzon... How I like to have it if he wasn't much OF A BRICK~!

The Granworm sword is epic in design, over-shadowing the rest of your collections.

p.s. Zengar approves of this post, too. (he is impressed by the sword)
p.s.s. I could also hear Shuu's bgm (Dark Prison) is playing my head now.

GunStray said...

>> Dennis: Thanks, and I had a hard time doing the chesto with just MS paint good thing you appreciated it^^

>> BD77: Being a brick aint so bad, just ask PG 00,whom I happen to disprove off^^;

Zengar approves!? Lol, Shuu is shocked0_o

Anonymous said...

I always listen to late news >_<
Happy Belated B-day! But that's one expensive Granzon!

GunStray said...

>> Robostrike: Thank You and No tax so I guess its worth it^^

chubbybots said...

Happy belated Bday man :D Awesome loots. I was thinking of getting the granzon but I got something else instead haha..

GunStray said...

>> ChubbyBots: Thank You, and the thing you got better be cushy, buit wise choice this guy is so sharp it gave me 3 wounds^^;

DivineLight said...

ah, happy birthday.

looking at the "Bloody September" this year -_-'
I guess I can't go and buy random things...

GunStray said...

>> Divinelight: Thank You, bloodt september, that sounds pretty harsh >.<

SpeedStriker said...

F-f-f-from Surrey, BC?! I thought I was the only gunpla enthusiast in the whole area! I recently movced to Toronto, but it's great to know that there was someone back home who liked gunpla as much as I did!

EXkurogane ~K'~ said...

Maybe I'm late, but, Happy birthday! Has been rather busy lately.

I've never bought a SRW kit before but after seeing the kit above, somehow the plastic doesn't seem to look as solid as gunpla (?), they look like a few of my Made-in-China bootleg gunpla. Speaking of SRW, maybe I'd like a Dygenguar (did i spell it right?)... maybe, i liked the huge sword...

GunStray said...

>> Speed striker: Erm, not originaly from surrey, just moved from Burnaby.

>> EXKurogane: Trust me, well,since Im buying the newer koto kits, I venever felt what the older plastic feel,but the newer ones are eveyubit tough as bandai,minus the sharpness^^;

Persocom said...

Happy Birthday, even though I'm late. No tax is pretty cool. Granzon looks great, and beastly. Is that last picture a real kit?

SpeedStriker said...


A modeller from Burnaby is a bit more understandable. There's quite a few nice shops there(hope they haven't closed) over there. Surrey is a pretty place to live though, at least South Surrey is.

GunStray said...

>> Persocom: heheh, nope^^;

>> SpeedStriker: There's only one shop here in surrey, but burnaby area is still flourishing with stores there.

SpeedStriker said...

No kidding. I remember having to trek all the way to Burnaby and Richmond to get some decent prices. Good times.

B-Mecha said...

O.o Granzon!!!!! That is the kick ass sword that he used in SRW F Final. And gundams dont stand a chance to scratch him!!!

GunStray said...

>> SpeedStriker: Hahah had the same experience^^

>> B-Mecha: The regular or the Flamey type? No "REAL" can handle the awesomeness

Yami said...

Recently made this kit and i am pretty disappointed with the kit since articulation is too terrible for a SRW kit and plastic quality is bad as well. But at least i can have companion for my 1/144 Cybuster