Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pokepla Tododile Review

The freak, found this in crystal mall( asian mall) when I was looking for the last of the tamiya compounds. I found this instead. Freak this is awesome, the dads side of the family store has all of them, I would have gotten the compound instead to finish experimenting with nub removal, but nostalgia won over me^^

The Insides:

Bam, Internal frame,heh.

the trio. There pokemons, but there plamo, and one rule in the plamo law, one should nvr forget, is panel lining^^

The cuttie <3

The middle child nobody likes.

The badass Blue Godzilla. Yup tons of panelining for this guy.

I actually did something wrong here, I should have painted the claws white first then panel line, well too late now, Im lazy to start all over again.

The gimmick isn't too bad, but once the mouth is attach, the hole thing is tight as hell.

Espadia cant resist Todo either^^;

Oh yeah forgot to mention the first three products came with a pikachu with different poses, this probably the best if you want... ok I should shut myself up now.


Dennis aka Katsuden said...

This is cute and they are 3 of them! You have Pikachu too! My nephew likes Pokemon in the past and I used to buy a lot of gasaphon for him.

LEon said...

I was considering to get one or not. LOL

EXkurogane ~K'~ said...

Wow box is big but the 3 pokemons are small... O_O

My childhood anime which i dont really care now. Goot tired of it cuz the anime is something like: Walk in the forest, wildlife hunting and chalenging someone, then kick team rocket's @$$... blah blah blah... Only watched up to the 3rd movie. At least the movies are different... There are already 11 movies right?

I switched to Digimon after this, then gunpla & finally adding PVC figures. Used to have over 100 digimon gashapons but i sold them off, leaving only 1 action figure by Bandai in y collection now...

DivineLight said...

omg, it's a model kit LOL.
don't know pokemon has pokepla^^

only finish Poke Yellow, so I only able to fully recognize 151 pokemons, and some others too.

chubbybots said...

These looks good straight build out of the box :D I love the little pikachu haha.

But I am more of a Digimon fan than Pokemon fan though ^^

GunStray said...

>> Dennis: Though cute as they maybe, the price I got for them werent really worth it.

>> LEon: Get the three set ones, the one set box isnt really worth it.

>> EXkurogane: The box is the size of a reg BB senshi box. Same, escept I read the manga instead, which is more darker than 4-kids ver. I think theve have slightly more than that.

>> Divinelight: Pokeyellow, nice, I started with silver.

>> CHubbybots: Actually, I prep'd some of the pieces this time, but yeah It still looks good out of the sprue.

Snark said...

Love the busou shinki holding the croc.

And Mazinger is awesome as always.

GunStray said...

>> Snark: I only got her since she's blue, anyway, HOLY FUWKING SHIT YOUR BACK!!

Anonymous said...

You make me want to start pokepla,.... dat totodile... works well as a prop for the busou shinki