Saturday, October 31, 2009

The story of the helmet before Haloween

Oct 30th, my damn school is once again holding up another stupid Halloween event, not that Im saying Halloween sucks and the fact that they tried really hard, Its just those stupid students show up with shitty masks(?) bought from that costume store in town square 0_o. Thank gawd I didnt enter the costume contest, f-cking idiots dressed up as snow white, cartoon frankenstein, and tissue guy, good thing I worked in the cafe instead. The Spartans were cool, but there pretty short lived. As for the helmet you see on top, yeah I built that, completely made out of scrap, duct tape, and more tape, awesome right, If you dont like it/feel like dissing it, GTFO, I made that thing with pure skill and some artistic love. The is the best part of the day though, I met a Ghandi , or someone dressed as him. Scored some BIG participation marks, and I needed that, didnt really do well on current events. I still got candy, but yeah, school was cheap, and I hate stick candy, so I gave it to another idiot. I get to lead a F_CKING ARMY!! Well made out of two people, But I still get to shout----V

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! We were doing Macbeth btw. Too bad I didnt get to pose with the spartans

Pray that after seeing my cursed face, you dont get hit by a truck or lightning or get pooped on by a bird, you know what, your better off just taking s#it from a bird.

:NOTE: Im referring to the original real life Date Masamune, not the koei or the Garyfied one


Dennis aka Katsuden said...

I think the samurai helmet is well made. Btw, does Devil Kings has anime?

Snark said...

Bah, GARY Date is the greatest of all Dates

GunStray said...

>> Dennis: Thank you, and yeah Its Sengoku Basara.

>> Snark: BLASPHEMY! The real Date Plucked off his own right eye, or someone else did.

Anonymous said...


(pretend I'm a half-blind, history depraved idiot, gundam fag knowitall wannabe)

I'm not surprised to see someone remodel the Ahead AC to a Date model. GNX-704T/AC Ahead Masamune use.Neat.

btw, did anybody wear a Mr. Bushido mask?

GunStray said...

>> Shion: HAHAHAH Why I didnt I thought about it, *goes to drawing*.

Ahead masamune, hmm very interesting, If it can hold 6 swords at once.

B-Mecha said...

Remember to bring a katana (fake one of cos) too! Then you can be a demon slayer during the party lol.

Anonymous said...

You already did the two-sword version hand right.

Howsabout if you separate the individual fingers and re-glue them on with gaps for the swords.

YOu already need three Ahead/ACs for the sword, so you got extra 2 pairs of hands. Maybe a pair for three-sword hands, and one pair for (insert genius idea here).

hot news said...

k exchange?

GunStray said...

>>B-mecha: Nvr thought myself to use a katana, and I prefer guns.

>> Shion: Working on it except its harder when you use 1/144 scale, so Im doing a scratch of it

>> Hot news: Srry,I dont really understand what your blogs is about

Glo said...

Masamune took over Obama Castle? Looks like the origins of our President are revealed at last.

I bet he laughed heartily as he gouged out his own eye in front of a crowd during lunch. Considering that I'm always right, that must have actually happened, and that's pretty badass.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, cutting apart two-millimeter wide fingers are kinda difficult without those wire-based cutter thingys.