Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The (4) in one trolls,cause were running out of letters

Blehh,a random compilation of stuff Ive been meaning to post but has no time in doing, so I put them up in one whole post to reserve the remaining letters(there going extinct).

> Possibly, Moe-raptor

Baka Raptors cousin, Moe Raptor

>When trolling and parodies made sense

Gawdamn NASA, wheres my space shark
Obama is freaking a kamen rider, wonder if he rider kicked Bushes ass
Why Giant robots never made it to Monhun

>Cursing 00 again


> YEAH MG Victory, huh V1? F_CK that s#it!

I want my MG V2 gundam, not some stupid V1!


Snark said...

They put Baka-Raptor's cousin on display?

gundamjehutykai said...

HEAR HEAR!!! Give us a V2 MG dammit bandai!!

Having said that, it's cause to be a little happy since it's only a few steps more for a V2 so a V2 Assault buster gundam MG became just a little more likely!

Anonymous said...

Pleeeeadse Bandai, make one for the front(?) part of Reborns too. And speed up Damashii Savage's release.

B-Mecha said...

Chill, once they have V1, there is better chance for V2 as well.

I want MG Astray Gundam Red Frame with Mars Jacket equipment T___T

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

You have gone to Jurassic Park! BTW, the GN Cannon is like a bootleg of Seravee Gundam

GunStray said...

>> Snark: they may have paid BIG

>> GundamJehutyKai: HEAR! HEAR Give us the V2 Assult! Though I did hear that V2 will be released in 2010

>> Shion: Hahah I hope so... there pretty slow

>> B-mecha: True,but I just want to piss off bandai, and yeah screw Bandais new bland as"h"trays, we want Mars jacket!

>> Dennis: Heheh its free admissions(kidding :p).

Baka-Raptor said...

Oh fuck, remind me to start using one of those newfangled RSS readers so I know when these posts come up.

Anonymous said...

@Baka-Raptor: Your cousin's on!!

GunStray said...

>> Baka Raptor: I'm an unreliable idiot, so don't count on it

>> Shion: LOL

Lightning Sabre said...

That Obama pick is full of awesomeness! XD