Friday, May 1, 2009

the "Shiny" astray

Thanks to PG astray+ Bandai's milking methods. The Astrays have returned to swarm the shelves of your local hobby store.

Damn It bandai >.<. Yet its so shiny, and I love that bazzoka It came with, best ive seen so far^^;

Anyway my funds for PG Astray is decreasing^^;


Lightning Sabre said...

LoL and here I thought they were done with Gundam Seed XD Stick to the plan brotha!

GunStray(Mikee) said...

Will try, though my weakness is shiny stuff XoX

Q said...

Given that they're hinting the true identity of 5th Astray unit, it looks like that Bandai won't let go of SEED universe just yet.

And bling Gundam is bling XD

GunStray(Mikee) said...

With "Bling" astray out, its only a matter of time that Blue frame L is released, or developed