Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Decal dilema

Nope, not the same as Z's dillema^^; Im eager to buy myself Mikhails VF-25G. buying a good decal would be nice, but this is my dillema, which?

Ranka fans and Gordon Surely approves ^^

Not really a fan of Sheryl except for the nice voice

That skull is irresistable,also the only decal so far with the "ero" presence^^;

I haven't heard any news about a Klan decal, Im hoping that they soon develop one, as Klan is my fave girl in Macross F. However in the nxt 3 months that a Klan decal still isnt developed. Im a blastin BANDAI!!>:] Or just make my own just like the Fate decal above


AstrayP03 (Zhe) said...

i dunno abt macross...but d first one looks nice ^^

Snark said...

I never thought I'd say this, but I rather like the Ranka one. If anything, it's a really nice shade of green.

Radjack said...

I'm with astray, the first one looks really nice!

gordon said...

yes i is approve of ranka's decal. ('~') but that means i have to buy and build another VF-25F. O_O

btw bro, u might want to consider having a name/URL option for comments.