Wednesday, May 6, 2009


As the school year ends, its yay 4 gr 8-9s. not for me though, as Im borbarded by projects quizzes, essays and screwed up science work from hell^^;

As for Home economics, the international project(wut the fux, lame). I was planning to do Philippines, unfortunately its been immediately taken,then India, same as well, then China, again then, Mexico, taken. Lastly Japan, reason why no one has taken it, its because of the sushi.

Sushi, well most of us like it, its easy to prepare right? NO! If you screw up the process, the consequence may be dire. In other words, major diarhea, not a pretty sight to see =_=;;

Hopefully I dont screw up the California rolls =_=;

CR@P, then there's the sashimi, raw fish on rice, to afraid to serve this one. >.<

How bout Melon pan, either I suck at baking or Shana has cursed me

Now Im having terrible luck, must be Astrays


Snark said...

Heh, with certain species of fish, if you fuck the sushi up, you're dead!

AstrayP03 (Zhe) said...

haha, dont do the raw ones and you'll be okay,

Lol, i was wondering what you meant when u said must be Astrays... then i clicked on the link...=_="

for some reason i'm feeling more relaxed now that the exams are drawing near... crap. is that bad?

GunStray(Mikee) said...

@Snark: Thats what Im avoiding, or else I'm gonna be bombarded by lawsuits=_=;

@Astray: Balance out relaxation and study, though I cant do both, hope you can

Radjack said...

On the good side you won't have to really cook anything XD

GunStray(Mikee) said...

@Radjack: Umm not really, baking in other terms

dasiromann said...

You basically just have to do some Japanese food right?

How about Hanami Dangos?
Or NikuJaga?
Or Okonomiyaki
or Yakisoba/Yakisoba Pan

All are rather easy to make and can be made in rather big portions.

Btw:This is Blowfish...Have to use another account for posting :/