Monday, April 6, 2009

HG1/144 OO raiser review

Nice Box as usual.

Came with the advertisement paper for PG astray, which we already know about^^;

Tons of foil stickers, damn I cant take a clear shot of the decals.

heres the decals applied, CB logo looks really nice. I really appreciate the shield since it looks so much like katars .

00 and 0 raiser, both in Ghost/GN particle scheme.

Comparison of 00 reg and 00 special ver, As seen the special ver has much lighter paint scheme compared to the reg.

00 in light scheme, makes it appear like a ghost, or maybe GN particles. Really like that ghost effect.

Love the shield/katar.

0 raiser pretty good for having a simple design.

Transformations quite easy pull back the tail and pull it down,then take of the wings and slap it on 00 drives, your done.

There 00 raiser, or Ghost 00 raiser, hence the light scheme.

The stand holds really firmly to the action base 1.

The connected Gn blade II only seen in ep22. Im gonna put in more action poses for 00 raiser soon

Just need Seravee,Seraphim and GN archer

Random funnies.

Run Saji run!


Anonymous said...

is the 144 better than the 100

GunStray(Mikee) said...

Well it does have a waist.

Z said...

1/144 00 Raiser looks sweet! Was about to grab it until I saw Trans-Am Raiser with GN Sword III...and this doesn't come with it so I dropped it immediately >_>.