Sunday, March 1, 2009

Loot from FEB

Loot from Febuary
-1/144 HG Arios
-Megumin Feb issue
-1/100 Exia

I would have gotten the Mar issue of Megumin, but this is the first time I bought one. Its labeled NSFF(Not safe fro family) cause there too much ecchi in it^_^. Anyway I gotta work on Arios so i can set up the review

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Anonymous said...

I want at least one issue of Megami.... I has none... :sob:

Oh, and Chiemi, far as I'm aware... doesn't have any meaning lol. If it does, I don't know it yet. I picked it cos it sounded right. And its a combo of my real name and Chie's name lol. Mind you, I'm pronouncing it Chi-emi, just like that, don't think thats the correct japanese pronounciation, but its sounds cuter Chi-emi lol.