Saturday, February 7, 2009

Society is not screwed by itself, it is screwed by other factors

I hate my goverment and my prime minister.WE,the taxpayers are paying for the damn 2010 olympics, that now cost about billion, just for the security, and snobby police mens that will probably beat up protesters WHICH paid for there equipment.And WTF, why are we holding one, if the whole economy is going down!!!

I H8 over rich celebrities that grows richer,especially those who got rehabbed more than once and who are idolized by idiot fans.Though I dont have much care for the newer actors.Tickets for their concerts are 10X more than old times,example(Im not really sure if the price is right) The beetles ticket cost about $10, Britney spears concert cost like $100, and yet people struggle working to get ticket just to see their faved celebrity!!

Whats the point of democracy, if were not even allowed to choose or have all of our opinions heard. Its like you have this black car, and you have other choices of color as long as you stick with black. Society is not completely screwed by itself, the goverment causes society to screw up.

So now future generations are now screwed, cause of authorities and governments decision making. Wait did the goverment even think about the future??

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AstrayP03 said...

guess we in malaysia aren't the only ones facing the same