Friday, February 20, 2009

GA Graphics 1/144 Hind kind

Heres a review of the the yellow machina, Hind kind from GA graphics

SPRUES,SPRUES,SPRUES!!! Theres ots of them, something that most 1/144 builders wouldnt expect,and I like it.

Leg can bend pretty far

The pelvis joint can swivel back and forth as seen,

lower torso already has great articulation, well minus the feet.BTW I dont see any feet

Its too bad that the arm artiulation wasn't shown

More ball joints for the upper torso

For a fat bulky mecha it looks damn awesome, even without action poses.Thought it would have been nice to show off all those ball joints in action^_^

LOLZ. Hind kind's bigger than the stand.

Size comparison. According to Ngee Khiong:"Unmatchable" as I said, because the height of this model is 180mm, which is the height of a regular MG.


Anonymous said...

No feet how does it stand?

Anonymous said...

Is there anything about the back gun

Xenostripsis said...

anon- it does have feet, look at the last shot
mikee- i thought the linebarrel models were made by Kotobukiya, not GA Graphic, my mistake?

GunStray(Mikee) said...

@Xeno:Dont have my facts straight, but GA graphics is more of a reviewing site.Kotobukiya is still the makers.

@anon 1:It does have feet, just not movable, it does have a n ankles though^_^;.

@anon 2:What back gun?