Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Fighting Action Kit Arios

YAY my first gunpla review^_^
When i went to my local anime store, looking for any new gundam 00, I saw this. Fighting action kit, Im like WTH is this, bought it cause it seems quite rare, and I just have to review it.XD

The box is smaller than a FG/NG kit(I dont have a FG box to compare though), the surprise is, its not a 1/144

Small spruce, but suprisingly has great details. I already built it,thats why spruces are empty^_^;

Didnt even bother reading instructions, the build took less than a minute.

Damn It, My cam only has MP, But it says, "This product is not intended to be sold in japan". WTF?. Anyway I just bought it from Sakura Media

Small Arios is small,sorry for bad image quality ^_^; Compared to FG articulation, It has more articulation. The joints are mostly ball joints which is very smart rather then the regular pegged ones, giving it a wide amount of articulation.

It comes with regular right fisted hand incase you dont want to pose it with the beam saber. The stickers used are ROUGH, rough as sand paper^_^

Comparison to my Kyrios(I dont have 1/144 Arios yet), Arios is small, almost the size of a HCM.

BTW it can also use the action display stand.

Sorry didnt bother to do a gallery,Why, I dont know how to set up one(does blogger even have that function?), and My camera sucks-_-;


Anonymous said...

huw much? and were?

GunStray(Mikee) said...

@Anon:Im not really sure if this is sold anywhere else,The store was local. And it cost 6.99

Xenostripsis said...

OMFG! EVEN THE 1/200'S ARIOS' HAVE A WAIST! STUPID BANDAI! if they can do it with a model able to fit in the palm of your hand, then why oh why do they not do it to the larger models, that will make them more money?

GunStray(Mikee) said...

@XENO:Its amazing how screwed up bandais plans are for there plamos^_^; BTW mini arios is cute:3

gundamlurva said...

damn...should've bought the Arios...looks way better than me 00...weird though,the 00 costs lesser than all the other meisters (in Singapore)

Anonymous said...

You can get them at a site called Gundam store and more. They cost about 5.99 plus shipping.