Monday, December 22, 2008

PG ASTRAY and more random kit stuff

OMGWTFWTHHOLY CR@P Bandai has done it.THE PG for Astray!!!:3 Now the off topic, Its frame is based on PG strike,which Im not very suprised.It will be released In MAR 09.

I like this idea since its pretty milkable, I think. Anyway I want to see how it looks posed with Gerbera tetra , It will be freaking BAD@$$:]

Line art here shows what GN Archer's MS form, looks like civilian astray

Heres a better look. It looks more feminine and sleeker than civilian astray.Nice Idea, since it fits the pilot.

1/144 0 raizer

1/100 Arios and Cherudim

MG zeta

Super Pack for VF-25F altos unit.

Robot Damnashi LFO.Nirvash TypeZero And NirvashtheEND

Images from Ngee Khiong. PG strike from Fudoshin

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