Monday, December 29, 2008

Gundam 00 s2 op 13

The episode that looks like starwars, except all Tie fighters and X wings replaced by A laws MS and Katharon fodders/MS.

Katharons cannonfod err army, seriosly there useless.

Surprise!! Im not suprised anymore, because this scene is OVERSUDED!!

In every big ass floating weapon of mass destruction in space, there will always be an exposed weak spot. Why, because budget is low to cover it.

V for Voltes Five, which your not piloting.BTW Nena deserves more screen time than the annoying Saji

What are you lookin up for? Oh yeah right,FIREWORKS.

This is either in bandais ridiculous paint scheme or is it just the backeground???

Images from GNdynames and Random curiosity

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