Monday, November 24, 2008

LOLWhat generous people?

Earlier today,well maybe not, I was shopping for supplies for the damn forestry project .When I was half way out of the mall,This lady who tapped me on the back asked me if that roll of poster paper was mine,LOL I didnt notice that since I was too happy to get my new_______________.Thanks to her my money and time didn't go to waste,Im also happy that there are still some generous people out there.=3

Anyway time to work on my damn forestry project!!!>:[

If anyone notice the ___________ and gueses it right, Free cookies and one Iphone...Nah im just kidding!

Out of topic but i want to squeezed it in here anyway

Thus my new inspirational pic,sorry happy cat.See Im generous enough as well to give out a cute pic.Nah,but my addiction for MonHun is growing BIGGER. Credits to whoever made this pic,its HAWT.>:)

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Blue-Destiny said...

i agree with you that, this is one hot-looking girl. you shld share more hawt pic with us more often ;)