Sunday, November 9, 2008

1/144 LInebarrel assembly preview

GA Graphic has a preview of the new 1/144 Linebarrel kit from kotobukiya and the assembly and part separations for the details

Im so grateful that the face of Linebarrel is prepainted means no extra hard work and stickers for the face^^;

Here where the part separation comes in,thanks to it you get the same level of detail of linebarrel in anime without putting stickers nor painting it.

In my opinion kotobukiya's mech have this legs-with-no-feet-but-with-heels,
It really interest me so much that the mech can still stand up.

Of course linebarrels most badass and second signature feature two sheats/swords in each arm is what Im after for

Images from Ngee Khiong and GA graphic

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Xenostripsis said...

nice, i've seen several of these, but not until now have i really seen how good they are. Not to mention how small they are, i thought they were hooge!