Monday, October 6, 2008

Let the music flow while the fight last (its macross frontier)

Well before gundam 00 season 2 fully starts up i want to recall macross frontier,although it has ended a week ago.Macross Frontier Is currently the "BEST ANIME YET" it has GREAT STORY, SWEET MECH AND FOES, AWESOME BATTLES, AND OF COURSE THE MUSIC IS THE BEST(best may be a little too much)It is currently #1 in my top Anime list , 2nd is codegease. Give it a try If you re not a macross or just new to It,like me :3

YAY Ai kun came back :3

Anyway I Hope Gundam 00 also gives out a good ending and story,although I dont think it will be as magnificent as macross

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