Monday, October 20, 2008

Figmas, to Hate or to Like?

Note: Saber is carrying gunlance from Monster hunter^_^

I know a few people who loves/likes figmas,theres Gundamaniac,Winterheim,and Gordon.
But do i really like figmas or not? Thats why i have a confession to make...I think figmas are anime barbies(dont kill me!!!). Theres a point in my life when those barbies thrive... and it seems to happen again in the form of figmas,but im not saying I hate figmas. BTW Im a sucker for figma Shana and Saber

Too bad no figmas in Canada or none yet, cuze I really want SHANA BAAAAAAAAAAADDDDDD!!!!


1 comment:

Xenostripsis said...

what figure did you get that sweet gunlance from?