Sunday, August 17, 2008

MSiA, Offshoot to continue

The Robot Damashii official site has a new staff diary page with a FAQ.

Regarding the Mobile Suit In Action line, the staff says it will in fact continue on as they consider Robot Damashii a separate concept from MSiA. They cite the Operation Star One line-up going on sale in October as well as the mail-order Hazel Kai recolor, which both come out during or after the Robot Damashii line begins. The Offshoot line will only be partially transferred over to Robot Damashii with the Gawain, but they'll also have the Burai going on sale as an Offshoot in October/November as well as more Sutherland and Burai variants planned for later

copied from gunota headlines

Ok now will that affect the sales of bandai and it could confuse some buyers though.

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